• My Q4 Sales Plan

    My Q4 Sales PlanI’ve been doing sales for 20 years and thought other salespeople might be interested in my process so I’ve posted my sales plan for this Quarter to my blog (excluding the financial targets). It will help other salespeople understand how I think about and plan sales.

    For me, sales is never about the “hard sell”. Sales is always about solving a client’s problem such as getting new customers through the Internet or streamlining business with technology. All I have to do is create opportunities where prospects want to talk to me about solving their problems and our stats show that 3 out of 4 times they will become a client.

    Sales Channels


    Most of our contracts come from “face to face” meetings. The more meetings we have the more clients we will get.

    Frequency: A minimum of 8 meetings per month

    Goal: Presently 3 out of 4 meetings in our office become contracts but because many of the meetings won’t be offers but relationship building meetings I’m being more conservative with the success rate. 4 contracts for every 8 meetings will be this Quarter’s goal.


    • Contact all clients and ask if they’d like to come in for a free meeting to assess whether their website and Internet marketing are meeting their goals. We do this every three months.
    • Contact potential “Connectors” on LinkedIN and offer a free lunch to do networking - Connectors are business people that network a lot with other business people and provide many referrals to Spinning Planet.
    • Create meetings in other regions/countries with Connectors to improve brand and awareness of Spinning Planet.
    • Change the focus of other sales channels to create more meetings.


    Events are an excellent opportunity for Spinning Planet to discuss our latest technology and services to other businesses in a relaxed environment.

    Frequency: 2 events per month

    Goal: 1 meeting or a signup to our Internet marketing workshop for each event



    Our Internet Marketing Workshops are an excellent way to meet new business and work well to educate business that we are the leaders in our field.

    Frequency: 1 workshop per month

    Goal: 1 client per workshop


    • All events listed above

    Offline media

    We don’t get a lot of sales through offline media but they do give us more brand recognition which has been noted by our clients and prospects.

    Frequency: 1 per month

    Goal: Top of mind awareness


    • Techday Netguide Awards Sponsorship
    • Giggle TV adverts
    • Aid Media outdoor banner advertising on our building and at the Palmerston North Airport

    Online media

    Online media is our primary avenue for marketing because of it’s success and the low cost.

    Frequency: Continuous

    Goal: 2 clients per month


    • 1 Google Adwords campaign for 3 months
    • 1 LinkedIN Sponsored Update per month
    • 1 Blog per week
    • 1 E-Newsletter per month
    • Search Engine Optimisation with Landing Pages targeted at increasing our prospects database through free offers such as E-Books, free Website Strategy Meetings and free Internet Marketing Workshops.
    • Improve website home page with better Calls to Action and Pathways.

    Present Connectors

    We get great referrals from our present Connectors so improving those relationships is a key task to drive continued referrals.

    Frequency: 1 meeting per week

    Goal: 1 referral per month


    • Present Connector database


    As you can see it’s not overly complex.  It gives me direction for sales and tasks that are measurable. I’m sure I’ll reach my targets because I’ve done this so many times but even if I didn’t it wouldn’t matter because I’d have measurable data that I can use to make a better plan for the next Quarter.

    brynn :-)

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