• Lean Manufacturing for a Web Design company?

    Lean Manufacturing for a Web Design companyI recently attended a Vision Manawatu Trade and Enterprise course on Lean Manufacturing. Though the course was targeted at Manufacturing Companies the ideas were very relevant to my business such as measuring and streamlining tasks. In less than a month my business has doubled its productivity so I strongly recommend lean principles to other businesses. Below are some links to some Lean Manufacturing videos and the contact details of a local Lean specialist:

    Let's Define Lean Manufacturing -

    Good overview of Lean Manufacturing

    What Is 5S? -

    Simple explanation of the different sections and definitions of 5S.

    The Advantages Of JIT -

    6 reasons why you should implement a Just In Time (JIT) Inventory System.

    What Is Kaizen -

    Kaizan is an excellent way to identify problems in your business and fix them.

    If you would like to contact someone in New Zealand regarding Lean Manufacturing I can highly recommend:

    • Barry Nolan
    • 297 Cambridge Ave
      Ashhurst, Manawatu 4810
    • New Zealand
    • Ph: 06 326 8907
    • Email:

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