• How to create an online marketing campaign

    How to create an online marketing campaign
    In this Blog/Workshop I'm going to show you how I create simple Internet Marketing campaigns for my clients that get great results.


    You’ll need:

    1. A website that you can update yourself.
    2. A Google login such as a gmail address or YouTube account.
    3. A Facebook or LinkedIn account with a Business page.
    4. A free Hootsuite account.

    What I’ll cover in this workshop

    • How to quickly create multiple social media posts and schedule them to post on a weekly and monthly basis.
    • How to create ads for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Adwords.
    • How to monitor and improve your Internet campaign.

    Why did I make this workshop?

    • Lots of companies are offering Internet marketing services but are doing a really bad job at it and charging thousands. This workshop helps you do it yourself and save thousands.
    • This is a training tool for my clients so they can do their own Internet marketing.
    • This is free but valuable content that will increase my followers on social media.


    1. Increase your social media posts to attract more followers of your social media pages and visits to your website.
    2. Use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and Adwords to drive more traffic to your website.
    3. Understand how social media and paid advertising work together in an Internet marketing campaign.

    Step 1: Create content for Social Media

    • Write 6 short blogs for the next 6 months
    • Find 24 things that you can share on social media that are relative to your business.
    • Once you have these, schedule them in

    Step 2: Create your Ad

    • Choose a page on your website that you want to promote
    • Use Adwords Keyword Planner tool to identify the best words to use for your ad
    • Before submitting your ad make sure the same keywords are used on your website.
    • Create the same ad in Facebook and LinkedIn

    Step 3: Monitor and improve your campaign

    • Personally like your own posts on social media
    • How many clicks are you getting from Facebook, LinkedIn and Adwords. Do you need to increase/decrease budget?
    • How many interactions are you getting on social media?
    • How many new contacts have you made and how much sales have you done?


    As you can see, an Internet Marketing campaign can cost very little but get great results. Better still, the more you do it, the larger your audience gets which helps increase sales.

    How well did your campaign do? Ask questions and post comments to Spinning Planets social media pages:

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