• How to get Google Analytics Certified

    Free Google Analytics Certification

    Google has significantly changed the way it does it's Google Analytics Certification but at least it's free now. Here's the process I followed to pass it. Here's the fancy certificate Spinning Planet got:

    Sign up as Partner

    Click “I’m an Agency” at

    Do the training

    You have to do all of the training. Make sure to take notes for each Unit because you’ll use those notes in the exam. Start here:

    Here’s what’s in it:
    Unit 1 - Course overview
    Unit 2 - Getting started with digital analytics
    Unit 3 - Understanding and using Google Analytics data
    Unit 4 - Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics
    Unit 5 - Navigating Google Analytics reports
    Unit 6 - Navigating Conversions reports

    Next you'll need to do the second course:
    Here’s what’s in it:
    Unit 1 - Platform Fundamentals
    Unit 2 - Collection
    Unit 3 - Processing & Configuration
    Unit 4 - Reporting

    Start Test

    Before you start the test have the following ready:

    1. The notes you created from the above courses.
    2. The exam doesn't allow you to copy and paste the questions so you can search for answers. To get around this you can "view source" and copy the text from there.
    3. You have 90 minutes to complete 70 questions. You can't stop or pause so only spend about 1 minute on each question. If you don't finish or fail the exam don't worry because you'll be able to resit it in a week.

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