• 5 steps to get courses fully booked


    Our last 3 Internet marketing workshops have been fully booked because they're great but also because we follow this proven marketing process that gets "bums on seats":

    Step 1: How will we reach people interested in our workshop?

    a) First we contact local business organisations that would be interested in sharing info about our workshop such as the Manawatu Chamber of CommerceEmployers Manufacturers Association and Vision Manawatu.  Here's an example of the email we send them:

    See how the content is persuasive and also gives them all the info and resources they need? 

    b) We contact our databases such as our e-newsletter of over a thousand business recipients and previous course attendees if we've added new material to the workshops that they might be interested in.

    c) Next we post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and Twitter.  Here's what the post looks like on LinkedIn:

    It's a very convincing post and here's the reasons why:

    1. It uses a photo of real people which would get more clicks than if we used stock photography.
    2. The title contains lots of keywords that people are interested in such as "Free, NZ and Internet Marketing Training"
    3. The description contains additional engaging keywords/phrases such as "Best 'one day' Internet Marketing workshop in New Zealand" and "secrets" and "successful business website"

    d) Finally, we also Boost and Promote the post on Facebook and LinkedIn. We normally don't spend more than $200.

    An interesting thing to note is we also get people sign up from Google searches because we show up on the first page of results if you search for "internet marketing training nz". We did the search engine optimisation on it ages ago and it still gets us new signups.  

    Most sign-ups for us come from Vision Manawatu, LinkedIn, Google searches and referrals from previous attendees

    Step 2: Once we've promoted our event we need to make more contact where possible so we do the following:

    1. Reply to Facebook and Linkedin posts. The more you interact on social media the more their friends will see your post.
    2. Send confirmation email immediately when people sign up.
    3. Add signups to SP newsletter which allows us to easily follow-up and remind attendees of when the course will start.
    4. Send reminder email of course details before the course and ask attendees to confirm their attendance.  

    Step 3: Do course

    Step 4: Send follow-up email with evaluation form and an offer for a free meeting.  Reply to all submitted evaluation forms.

    Step 5: Have meeting with those that want one.

    On average we get $7,000 of sales per workshop from the follow-up meetings.

    If you found this helpful please like or share it. 

    brynn :-)

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