• 5 easy steps to get famous on LinkedIn

    Getting LinkedIn profile views is like giving your business card to other business people or your CV to possible employers. In this blog I'll show you how I got into the top 1% of profile views for my connections.

    1. Make sure your LinkedIn profile has everything you've done in it that makes you look good. When you request to connect with people on LinkedIn they will look at your profile to see if they know you or whether you can be of value to them so the better your profile the more chance you'll have of them accepting your connection request. You want to reach "All Star" status like this:
    2. Now start inviting people to connect by clicking on the "People You May Know" link in the bottom right of your profile page:
    3. On the "People you may know" page click "Connect" for people that you think may be interested in your LinkedIn posts. Connect with around 30 people every two days until you reach the top 1% of profile views:
    4. When they accept you'll get an email like this. Click the "Send a message" link:

    5. Thank them for connecting and if you have a LinkedIn business page ask them to follow it:
    6. That's it.

    If you found this helpful please like or share it. To view a video of the process, click the link below:

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