• Be 50% more productive

    Be 50% more productive

    I see so many business people get stressed because they aren't meeting timelines. It's easy to fix, just follow these simple time management rules: 


    1. If you want to be brief with your phone calls, stand up when you take the call.
    2. Use headphones or earplugs to block out office noise.
    3. Clear workspace clutter if it distracts you.
    4. Drink good coffee, it's scientifically proven to make you more productive.
    5. Schedule requests from other staff to a time that better suits you and let them know when you will do the task.
    6. If you need specific blocks of time to work; request another staff member to take your telephone calls
    7. Identify all of the smaller tasks that you can complete quickly (whether you like them or not) and get those out of the way first. This will significantly shorten your task list.
    8. Keep some small easy tasks close by so you can do them whilst in a telephone conversation or when there is disruption such as noise in the office.


    1. Only keep your present emails in your email Inbox. Archive your old ones.
    2. Don't check your mail while you are working on a task - it will distract you.
    3. Create specific times for checking and replying to emails.
    4. Use a calendaring system such as Google Calendar. If you don't, you'll miss or even forget projects.
    5. Disable popups like email notifications.


    1. Meetings, where possible, should be held at your office.
    2. Before you accept an invitation to a meeting ask yourself if you really need to be there.
    3. Send relevant material before the meeting.
    4. At the start of a meeting outline the agenda and when the meeting should be finished.


    1. Pre-think your tasks for the day either the night before or as you walk to work.
    2. Eat properly and exercise.
    3. Socialize with business people like yourself at networking events, sports events or even at the pub. They will give you insight into how they do things better.
     brynn :-)
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