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    Brynn's 10 email marketing tipsWe use lot's of advertising channels such as TV, Adwords, social media, etc. but the most effective for us are email campaigns. We've done lots of research into what works the best so I thought I'd give you a bunch of good tips to help you with your e-newsletters:

    1. Keep it short. The goal of the email is to get a reply or lead them to somewhere else such as your website that can nurture them through a sales pathway. Stats show that long e-newsletters get deleted quickly.
    2. Your email should address the person by their first name such as "Hi John". Mass emails that start with something like "Hi Everyone" get deleted more often.
    3. Your email will get more clicks if you have an image with each topic that people can click.  It also makes the email more visually appealing which lessens the chance of it being deleted.  See an example here.
    4. Create clear Calls to Action in your email so people know what they're meant to do such as "Click here to read the full article" or "Click here to get 10% discount".
    5. Make sure you add Alt Text to images in your emails for email programs that don't automatically show images.
    6. Make sure your email list is to real people that want to read what you have to write. Sending to large purchased lists can classify you as a spammer and have your messages blocked.
    7. Always provide an “Unsubscribe” option.
    8. Make sure your emails are readable on mobile devices. 47% of all email is opened on mobile.
    9. Check to see what your emails look like in the different email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.  You can test them all here:
    10. Make sure your messages adhere to local email marketing laws such as the NZ Unsolicicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

    brynn :-)

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