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    Bad Customer ServiceWe get contacted by lots of businesses who can't get support from their web company. I find it totally bizarre. It's like they don't want the business. That's like choosing to be a mechanic but not wanting to work on any cars. Here's what you should expect from your web company:

    Clear Communication

    1. You should be able to call them and have someone local and knowledgeable answer your questions. Sometimes I'm the only one that can answer the tricky questions but if I'm not available then my staff will ask if they'd like me to call them back which I do as quickly as possible.
    2. If you email, you should have a response that day. Our normal response time is within the hour.
    3. Your web company should be able to explain things to you in plain language. Being able to explain complex things so normal people can understand them shows that your web company understands their business and your needs.

    Training and Support

    I find that the best way to avoid client confusion is to make sure that you have your training and support processes sorted. As an example, when we added video tutorials to our processes it reduced our support by 60% which not only saved us thousands of dollars but also made our clients a lot happier.  Here's what we think a web company should offer their clients:

    1. Free ongoing training meetings so the client always knows how to update their website and what they can be doing to get new customers.
    2. Free 3 monthly meetings to assess the website's performance to ensure it is getting new customers.
    3. Free video tutorials so the client can learn at their own pace.
    4. Provide additional free resources to help the client become an Internet expert.
    5. Local and toll free numbers so they can call from anywhere.


    Many web companies haven't kept up with new developments such as Internet marketing or making websites mobile compatible. These types of skills are essential and your web company should be advising you on the best Internet pathway for your business instead of trying to sell you "leaches" to cure your ailment.

    Before we take on a client the first thing we offer is a free Website Strategy Meeting where we clearly identify what they need to do to succeed on-line.  Once they become a client, we then follow a proven process to ensure their website is completed quickly:

    Website Development Process

    Once the website is completed we then contact them every 3 months to ensure that the strategy is working.


    If your web company doesn't follow the same processes then they probably aren't doing a very good job. Feel free to send them the link to this blog.

    brynn :-)

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