Transfer your website for as little as $180.95 + GST

Many businesses get a website but then find they have little to no support from their web company. They're too scared to try and transfer their website away because they think it will result in lots of new fees and time that they don't have to spare. Because of this, we've created this simple website transfer package that costs very little but gets your website hosted with Spinning Planet who are renowned for our expertise in design, Internet marketing and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much will it cost to transfer to Spinning Planet?
A1: A one-off fee of $140 + GST to copy your website and convert it into HTML and ongoing monthly fees of $3.45 + GST for domain name registration and $37.50 + GST for web hosting.

Q2: Will my website have a Content Management System (CMS) so I can edit content myself?
A2: No. However we can make website changes for you which are charged at $35 + GST per 15 minutes. Normally website updates cost less than $70 but we will always quote first so you don't get any unexpected invoices.

Q3: Will all the features on my website still work?
A3: For the majority of websites, Yes. For features that won't work, we'll let you know first and offer some options before you buy this package from us.

Q4: Will my website get found by Google?
A4: Yes. However, there is no guarantee what it will get found for. For that, we offer an additional service called Search Engine Optimisation that has a one-off cost of $559 + GST

Q5: Will the website be mobile compatible?
A5: If it was mobile compatible with your previous host it will be mobile compatible when it is hosted by Spinning Planet.

Q6: Will you also handle our email accounts?
A6: Yes. We can also create up to 10 email accounts for you at no extra cost. However, the migration of your old emails to the new accounts will require either your local computer support people to do it or we can do it for you for $280 + GST (2 hours work).

Q7: Will I get free Spinning Planet support?
A7: Yes. Every Spinning Planet client gets at least free telephone and email support.

Q8: Is there a fixed term?
A8: No. You can quit the service whenever you like.

Q9: Are there ongoing costs?
A9: Yes. Domain name registration ($3.45 p/m) and web hosting ($37.50 p/m). This allows us to provide you with a reliable website hosted on Google's servers and email accounts such as with free NZ technical support.

Q10: How long will it take until the website is transferred?
A10: Less than a week.

Q11: What will you need from me?
A11: All we need from you is the UDAI password for your domain. If you don't know what it is we can help you get it.

Q14: When do I pay for the website?
A14: When we complete the transfer you will be invoiced for your website. Payment will be due on the 20th of the following month.

Q15: If I'm not happy with the website or for some reason can't continue with it can I get a refund?
A15: Yes. We provide a 100% money back guarantee for up to one month after the website goes live.

Q16: What types of website can be transferred?
A16: Brochure type websites that list your services are the easiest - these are the majority of websites on the Internet. For example, this website that used to use the WordPress Content Management System was easily converted and transferred. If your website does things like has a shopping cart system or has lots of forms then you'd need a different service such as our E-Commerce Webshop Special.

View this website that was recently converted and transferred

Feature Comparison

Below is a comparison of our Pro Website Package with this Special Package to transfer your website

Unique URL
Such as
10 email accounts
Such as
SSL Secured (more) Can be added for an additional one-off fee of $140 + GSTTick

Content Management so you can easily update the website yourself

Free nationwide email & phone supportTickTick

Monthly website stats from Google (more). However, we can add this for $140 + GST.

Custom website designTick
Website codingTick
Adding and creating contentTick

Search Engine Optimisation (more)

If you don't already have marketing in place such as Social Media pages or PPC advertising then you should buy this service.



Monthly Domain Name
Such as
Monthly Hosting
More detail here
Transfer and conversion of website to HTML
1 hour allocated.
Total$180.95 + GST

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Features and Benefits


Professional and personal service

We provide you with award winning support from our expert team located in New Zealand.

Update your own website

Our Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily update your website. It's one of the easiest systems to use in the World.


Grow your website with your business

Our CMS is modular so your website can grow as your business grows by either installing new plugins or we can custom program functionality for you.

Mobile Compatible

More than 30% of Internet traffic is on mobile devices like iPhones and Tablets. We create websites to be mobile compatible so you don't lose clients.

30 days

Your website completed within 30 Days

We have very streamlined systems and processes to ensure your website gets completed within 30 days.


We've built an Intrusion Detection System that protects your website 24/7. It's more than just a firewall, it bans baddies based on their website behaviour.



We triumph over spam

We've developed smart systems that stop 99% of spam. It not only uses International spam databases and Bayesian algorithms but it also talks to the spamming server to assess whether they are real.

Your business website reliability is our responsibility

Our servers are located in Google's Cloud Compute platform to ensure 24/7 operation and reliability, We also do nightly and monthly backups so your website and emails are never lost.


Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Experts

We use the latest research and have developed our own Internet marketing tools to promote your business to the World. We also create learning materials to show your team how to succeed on-line.

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