Additional Data Usage

Online Additional Data StorageRate (per month)
5,000 MB (5 GB)$15.00
10,000 MB (10 GB)$25.00
15,000 MB (15 GB)$39.95
30,000 MB (30 GB)$49.95
60,000 MB (60GB)$59.00
90,000 MB (90GB)$69.00
120,000 MB (120GB)$79.00

Online Additional Data TransferRate (per month)
10,000 MB (10GB of data traffic)$25.00
15,000 MB (15GB of data traffic)$50.00
20,000 MB (20GB of data traffic)$75.00
30,000 MB (30GB of data traffic)$100.00
40,000 MB (40GB of data traffic)$150.00
50,000 MB (50GB of data traffic)$200.00
60,000 MB (60GB of data traffic)$250.00

Additional Email AccountsRate (per annum)
First additional email account$50.00
Additional email accounts$20.00

Why does it cost more for space and data transfer?

  1. Our servers are located in Google data centres to ensure reliability and security for our clients. We pay Google based on how much space, processing power and data traffic we use. If a client uses more of any of these things it costs us more so instead of spreading the cost across all of our clients we follow a "user pays" philosophy and charge you directly.
  2. We also pay for backup space. Since we backup everything like websites and emails for 7 days in a row, if a client is using a lot of space, it uses a lot of space in our backups too which costs us more.
  3. We also backup everything, monthly, back to New Zealand which uses a lot of data and space.

What uses the most space?

  • Delete old emails in your Trash?Deleted Items folder or archived emails that have large attachments you don't need any longer.
  • Many of our customers use IMAP which stores their emails on our servers so they can access their emails and folders from multiple devices like laptops and phones. The easiest way to reduce the amount of space you use for emails on our server is to create a local folder outside of your IMAP account and store your old email folders in that. Here's a video that shows you how to do it in the Thunderbird Email program. The same process applies for Outlook: click here
  • Video files should not be uploaded to your website because they use a lot of space and bad robots find them and keep downloading them which uses heaps of data transfer and slows down your website. You should upload your video to YouTube and then embed it into your website. Here's a video that shows you how to do it: click here.